Threat Stack acquires Bluefyre in cloud infrastructure security push

The company will use Bluefyre's portfolio to assist developers in building secure cloud-native applications.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Threat Stack has announced the acquisition of Bluefyre in a bid to improve runtime application security.

On Thursday, Threat Stack said the deal was signed in order to improve the firm's portfolio and solutions, especially when it comes to assisting "developers to build secure, cloud-native applications that can detect and prevent threats at runtime, including applications running on Kubernetes."

Financial details were not disclosed.

Founded in 2017, Bluefyre, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a firm which specializes in stack security solutions from control planes to application layers.

Threat Stack intends to integrate and release Bluefyre's capabilities as part of the firm's Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform and Cloud SecOps Program early next year.

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While these existing technologies have cloud infrastructure and security capabilities, Threat Stack says that Bluefyre provides core layer security solutions which, once integrated, will provide customers with "complete, full stack security observability including the control plane, host, containers, orchestration, and application layer" as part of a wider DevSecOps program.

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Tim Buntel, CEO of Bluefyre and co-founder, together with co-founder Sabin Thomas, will join Threat Stack as the new VPs of Application Security Products and Application Security Engineering.

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The Bluefyre team will stay in the same city but will move to Threat Stack's Boston, Massachusetts headquarters.

"As organizations increasingly develop applications in the cloud, runtime monitoring and detection throughout the development and operations lifecycle is critical," said Buntel. "Bluefyre's ability to protect applications augments Threat Stack's cloud infrastructure security observability to provide DevOps and Security teams with a single tool that provides in-depth visibility and actionable intelligence."

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