Tiny and Dell offer UK's first 1GHz Intel machines

Intel delivers its 1GHz processor into Europe for Dell and Tiny
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Intel stalwart Dell has announced that a new personal computer using the scarce 1GHz Intel processor will start shipping in "limited quantities" starting in early April.

A Special Edition Dell Dimension will feature Intel's 1GHz Pentium III, but will also carry a hefty price tag of £2,699, excluding VAT.

Steve Duignan, Dimension product marketing manager, who was unfazed at the machine's price, said, "Dell is uniquely positioned to deliver the Special Edition Dell Dimension to high-end consumers and enthusiasts who want to be among the first to own this technology."

This may not be entirely true, however. Tiny, traditionally considered a "tier-two" manufacturer, is also set to announce its 1GHz offering "very, very soon", according to a spokesman. Details of when it will be possible to order and take delivery of 1GHz machines are, however, unclear. The branding and pricing of Tiny's 1GHz offering have apparently not been decided.

Tiny would not disclose details of the quantity of chips it has been offered by Intel.

There have been questions over Intel's ability to deliver high-end chips to Europe in quantity. The take-up of these machines is, however, unlikely to be particularly high as these extremely high-cost and high-power computers will appeal almost exclusively to gamers.

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