Top Android news of the week: Android for Work, Android Pay, owning the market

This was a big week for Android, with news of the platform's dominance of the smartphone market, the upcoming Android Pay, and Google's enterprise push.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Android for Work launched

Google is making a push into the enterprise with the launch of Android for Work. The initiative is aimed at the BYOD crowd, enabling work profiles for smartphones and tablets. This allows IT departments to deploy approved apps to workers in a controlled and secure manner.

Android for Work allows employees to use personal apps alongside the work apps, while keeping personal data safe from employer access.

Source: ZDNet

Android Pay coming to compete with Apple

Apple Pay is growing at a fast pace, and Google is taking aim at it with Android Pay. The upcoming system will use APIs to allow companies to add the new mobile payment system to their apps.

Android Pay will work like other mobile payment systems, allowing Android phone owners to store credit card information and pay with a single click at checkout time.

Source: ZDNet

Android and iOS own the global smartphone market

Bad news for Windows Phone and BlackBerry, as the latest numbers from IDC show that Android and iOS own 96.3 percent of the global smartphone market. This has been the case for a while, as it's less than a percent higher than in 2013.

Android had the lion's share of that dominant market share, with 81.5 percent of the market. Samsung's growth in market share was flat last year, meaning smaller OEMs are becoming more important to Android.

Source: ZDNet

Use Android Wear smartwatches with iPhones

An enterprising developer has shown a Moto 360 smartwatch working with an iPhone 6. The Android Wear watch obviously has custom software installed and the developer says it works with Apple's notification system.

The iPhone did not require jailbreaking to get it to work with Android Wear.

Source: Android Police

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