Top Android news of the week: Desktop PC, Moto X in China, Galaxy 6 leaked

In the world of Android this week we saw the release of a desktop system in a keyboard, reports that the Moto X is big in China, and photos were leaked of the upcoming Galaxy 6.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Galaxy 6 leaked photos show dual-edged display

Samsung is getting ready to unveil the next flagship phone in the Galaxy line, and leaked photos show it to be something new. The images obtained by ZDNet Korea show both a standard Galaxy 6 and a version with a dual-edged display.

It looks like the Korean company is taking the curved edge display introduced with the Galaxy Edge to new heights and putting one of them on either side of the Galaxy 6. This is expected to complement a version without an edged display.

Source: ZDNet

Android PC in a keyboard now available

Android enthusiasts can now take it to the desktop with the release of the OneBoard +. This snazzy keyboard houses an entire Android PC inside. The PC includes Wi-Fi, an SD card slot, and Bluetooth.

The keyboard features mechanical keys that have color backlighting. Just plug in a monitor and you have a desktop Android system. For those times when a full PC is not needed, you can plug the OneBoard into any system and use it as just a keyboard. It's not cheap at $299.

Source: Geek.com

Moto X gets a million reservations in less than a week

Motorola only recently returned to do business in China and it looks like it's off to a rousing start. The company sent a shout out on social media that the Moto X got over a million reservations in China in just a few days.

The Moto X is a second generation model of the handset that features custom backs for personalization.

Source: ZDNet

Galaxy Edge sold 630,000 units worldwide

While Samsung appears to be readying a Galaxy 6 handset with curved edge displays on both sides of the phone, leaked figures indicate the concept may not be popular. Reports have surfaced that show the company has sold 630,000 units worldwide of the Galaxy Edge.

The Edge has a curved display on the right side of the handset for displaying useful information independently of the main screen. When released it impressed reviewers, but if these sales figures are accurate apparently not many consumers.

Source: Android Authority

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