Top Android news of the week: Security update failure, S7 is great, Europe goes after Google

This week in Android, Google admitted the Android update system fails owners regarding security, we heard why you might like the Galaxy S7, and saw Amazon add more storage to the smallest Fire tablet.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Why to buy Samsung's Galaxy S7

ZDNet's Matt Miller weighs in with 10 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7. Among those Miller found the aluminum case and the great camera to be top of the pack. The long battery life is also a nice feature and should keep the busiest professional going all day.

Source: ZDNet


Amazon refreshes the 7-inch Fire tablet

Amazon continues to pour effort into its Fire tablet line and has refreshed the 7-inch model. It's now available in new colors but customers may see more value in the extra storage options. The new color options are tangerine, magenta, and blue and it's now available with internal storage of 8GB or 16GB. The entry-level configuration is still $49.99.

Source: TNW

European Commission: Google stifles the competition

Google's behavior in the market prevents the competition from competing fairly, according to the European Commission. The EC has informed Google of these preliminary findings that is in violation of European anti-trust laws. Said the EC:

Google "abused its dominant position by imposing restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile network operators",

Source: ZDNet


Nearly one-third of Android devices will never get current security updates

Critics of Android have long lamented the way the update system works, given the roles of Google, OEMs, and carriers. This is a reasonable complaint as determined by Google's latest annual report. It found that one in three Android devices will never get current security updates, an alarming figure.

Source: ZDNet

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