Top iOS news of the week: Nokia HERE, Force Touch, iOS 8.2

This week in the world of iOS we saw an important update, word about Force Touch, and Nokia brings its mapping app to the platform.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Become a mobile app developer with no skills or cash

Those with an idea for a great mobile app can get busy bringing it to market with tips from ZDNet. The article shows how those with no programming skill can write an app and bring it to market with no funding.

The article explains what tools can be used for programming and how to get started with them. Best practices are outlined to help take an idea to the app store. The tips apply to iOS and Android.

Source: ZDNet

iOS 8.2 released

Apple released iOS 8.2 this week following the big Apple Watch launch event. The update added support for the watch, including installing an app to control it. This installation has upset some folks as the app installs automatically and can't be removed by the user.

The update also fixes the FREAK flaw on iOS and is a must-have.

Source: ZDNet

iPhone to get Force Touch

Apple showed off the Force Touch technology incorporated into the new MacBook trackpad. This tech registers how hard the user presses on the pad, activating extra functionality.

Reports are surfacing that Apple will add similar technology to the touchscreen of future iPhones. This would allow touching the screen to take on a second purpose depending on how hard the screen is touched.

Source: Huff Post

Nokia brings HERE mapping to iOS

Nokia's software group is independent from Microsoft and this week released a version of its popular HERE app to iOS. HERE is a mapping and navigation app that Nokia had been installing on its Windows Phones prior to selling the division to Microsoft.

HERE on iOS is a full-featured solution for those wanting a navigation app with offline map support. Nokia is offering free downloads of worldwide maps for offline use.

Source: ZDNet

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