Toshiba launches high-endurance EXCERIA M303E microSD cards

These new EXCERIA M303E microSD cards are aimed at the growing dashcam and surveillance camera market.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
Toshiba EXCERIA M303E high-endurance microSD cards

Toshiba EXCERIA M303E high-endurance microSD cards


Not all microSD cards are designed and built the same way, and continuous looped recording puts a stress on the reliability of standard storage media. Which is why Toshiba has launched a range of high-endurance microSD cards aimed at the growing dashcam and surveillance camera market.

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The EXCERIA M303E microSD cards come in 128, 64 and 32GB storage capacities, with the 128GB model capable of recording over 12 hours of Full HD video.

The EXCERIA M303E cards have have been designed with long-term reliability in mind, with the 128GB model good for 6,000 hours of looped recording, and 3,000 hours for 64 and 32GB models. Regular microSD cards are not suited for use with dashboard cameras and surveillance cameras, with many not warranted for continuous recording.

All EXCERIA M303E microSD cards capable of write speeds up to 65 MB/s, and read at up to 98 MB/s and are ranked as A1 under the SD Association's Application Performance Class.

The EXCERIA M303E use the UHS-I SD interface and deliver UHS Speed Class 3, Video Speed Class 30, and SD Speed Class 10.

Toshiba EXCERIA M303E cards are waterproof to IPX7, X-ray proof to ISO7816-1, and are built to be shock resistant, as well as being resistant to electrostatic discharge (ESD) from the human body. They also feature built-in over-current protection, and have a 110°C operating temperature range (-25°C and +85°C) to meet the in-car environmental stresses.

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The storage cards come with a 2-year warranty, and Toshiba recommends owners replace the 128GB microSD memory cards within two years, assuming that it is used for eight hours per day, or four hours for the 64 and 32GB versions.

The EXCERIA M303E cards will start shipping in the second quarter of 2019.

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