Toyota's latest augmented reality viral marketing campaign

In preparation for the debut of their hotly anticipated FT-86 Coupe Toyota have launched an impressive viral campaign across Facebook, Twitter and through iPhone apps.
Written by Hana Stewart-Smith, Contributor

Toyota has launched an impressive multi-platform viral campaign in preparation for the debut of their new model, the FT-86 Coupe.

The campaign utilises social networking to its fullest with an interactive 'painted' website, an application for the iPhone, and a new game for Facebook.

(Source: Toyota)

The free 'World Reporter' application for the iPhone blends real-world and augmented reality, allowing users' to take pictures of the FT-86 on the streets around them. The app superimposes the image of the car into their photos and they can then be uploaded to form 'reports' from around the world.

Also released is the 'Social Network Racer' game for Facebook: a 3D racing game that users can play on the Facebook page.

But the key to the viral campaign is the 'painted website' at Shinjuku station, that can be viewed on a 24-hour live feed, though only available for one more day.

The painted wall acts as a website through the live-feed, with visitors being able to click on links by hovering over sections of the video. Above a scrolling LED display shows messages from Twitter, a countdown to the show as well as messages and information about the highly anticipated Toyota FT-86.

Below the wall, there are also 'buttons' painted with the symbols for Facebook 'likes' and Twitter 'retweets'. The buttons have lights on top that flash whenever someone 'Likes' or retweets the web address in real-life, and users from across the world can see their actions in real-time flashing on screen.


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