Trade-in your iPhone 4, get $250 from Wal-Mart

Make room for whatever Apple CEO Tim Cook will be announcing today by getting rid of your old gear via Gazelle -- not the trash -- for Walmart cash.
Written by Gloria Sin, Inactive

Already planning to grab one of the new iPhone Apple CEO Tim Cook will be unveiling today, but not sure what to do with your perfectly functional iPhone 4? Why not trade it in for money while the market is not completely saturated with iPhone 4s yet, which could affect its used value? Walmart and its partner Gazelle is offering up to $250 for your beloved phone in exchange for cash on Walmart eGift cards. The idea is to keep as many used electronics out of the landfill as possible so Gazelle will accept non-iPhones as well, you just have to search through its site to determine each item's trade-in value, send your old gear to Gazelle for free for testing, and within about seven days you will receive your Walmart eGift card by mail. Of course, only the most in-demand devices in the best conditions will command top dollars, but really it's the relatively stress free way of getting rid of old electronics and be paid for it that makes this service priceless. After all, if you don't clear the way with the old, how would you make room for the new?

[Source: Walmart press release]

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