Traveling with TripIt: New Apple Watch complications, Pro Hub improvements for Android

TripIt is my go-to service for business and personal travel with regular updates released to improve services and offer enhanced experiences. The latest update brings improvements to the Apple Watch and Android.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Several years ago I received over $300 back from a drop in my airline ticket price, which has funded my TripIt Pro subscription and every time I travel I am thankful for having this service as my personal travel assistant. Last week TripIt introduced Apple Watch complications and a new Pro hub design for Android.

The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch currently available and with the ability to have a number of complications on various watch faces it is great to see TripIt launch new complications.

TripIt users can see departure time, departure airport, flight number, terminal/gate numbers, and even a progress bar with remaining flight time (I cannot wait to try this out). TripIt Pro users will also see real-time flight alerts, such as gate changes and flight delays, on their Apple Watch. As you move through the airport with your carry-ons and other things in hand, it is handy to be able to glance down at your watch and be informed on your travel.

While iOS versions of many apps tend to be more refined and consistent, the latest TripIt update for Android offers a new hub design for TripIt Pro subscribers. Features of the new Android hub include international travel tools, security wait times, interactive airport maps, fare tracker (feature that secured me a few significant refunds), notifications, and alerts.

Image: TripIt

I just returned from a family vacation to the Caribbean and the interactive airport maps on my iPhone XS were critical to getting us from one terminal to the other in Chicago just as our departure flight was boarding our section. TripIt Pro knew my arrival gate and departure gate so it directed me with arrows, estimated times, and even escalator entrances to help me navigate in an airport I haven't been to for many years.

Quick access to these tools on Android is now here and I feel secure in knowing it will function no matter what phone I am using at the time.

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