Turn your iPod nano into a watch with Hex's Icon Watch Band, $39.95

With this Hex Icon Watch Band, your 7th-gen iPod nano can double as your "iWatch" for just $170.
Written by Gloria Sin, Inactive

With Apple adding 16 new watch faces to the new seventh-generation iPod nano, you might as well turn the device into a full-fledged watch with a Hex Icon Watch Band (pictured above).

The Hex Watch Band is essentially a wearable case for the nano where you pop in the media player from the back, and can still interact with the nano via the touchscreen and buttons along the side. This is a one-piece design where the straps and case are attached together, as you tell from the photo below.

While the straps and nano enclosure are made of custom polycarbonate, the clasp is stainless steel and has a ceramic-like feel so it should be quite secured on your wrist. Like a real watch, the links in the strap are removable so you can customize the fit. It comes in a range of colors: black, white, green, blue and purple, and is available from both Hex's and Apple's websites for $39.95. Considering the just reduced 8 GB nano is $130, plus $40 for a Hex Watch Band, a multi-function "iWatch" can be had for just $170 this holiday.

Personally, I prefer Hex's Vision Metal Watch Band as it looks more professional and less like a toy. What about you?

[Source: Hex press release]


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