Twitter adds an enticing new Twitter Blue feature

Is this finally the thing that will make you switch?
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Twitter logo outside a building
Getty Images/Constanza Hevia/ Contributor

Twitter has been doubling down on its efforts to push people to switch over to its Twitter Blue subscription. 

Most recently, Twitter announced that regular accounts will not show up on Twitter's For You tab and that legacy approved accounts will begin to lose their checkmarks. Now Twitter is adding an incentive for subscribers: 50% fewer ads. 

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Back in November when Elon Musk first unveiled the plan for Twitter blue, he shared that subscribers would experience half as many ads via Twitter. 

Now, Twitter Blue's page includes "half ads" as part of the subscription's features. Since users will be seeing half as many ads, Twitter shares that users would therefore see twice as many organic posts on their feeds. 

The fewer ads however only applies to what users see on their feed. Content promoted elsewhere on Twitter, such as ads on profiles or tweet replies, will not be affected by the half ads feature and will remain the same. 

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If you are bothered by ads on your feed, then it may want to consider subscribing. A Twitter Blue subscription starts at $8 per month for web pricing and $11 per month for iOS or Android. 

Some of the other features you get with your subscription include the Blue Checkmark, longer tweets and the ability to edit and undo tweets. 

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