Twitter extends full tweet archive to developers

Access to Twitter's full tweet history was previously only available to the enterprise.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Twitter announced it's giving developers access to the full archive of its history -- all the way back to the first tweet in 2006. Until Thursday, full access to Twitter's history was only available to enterprise API customers.

Developers previously had access to 30 days worth of Twitter's history through the social network's new premium APIs, and 7 days worth of history through its free public API.

The Full-archive Search API endpoint will give developers in its premium service 50 history requests free per month. Twitter's program for premium APIs starts at $149 per month. The social network offers pricing for more history requests, as well.

Twitter says its premium APIs return more tweets per request and have higher rate limits. They also have more metadata access and can handle more complex queries.

Developers with a premium developer account can access a dashboard to monitor search usage, manage billing, and invite teammates to collaborate.

Twitter in April 2017 introduced a new API platform it touted as responding to developers' requests. Twitter said the new API platform makes it easier for developers to create and scale applications, products, and businesses. Other new API features have been released since.

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