UK misses out on wrist PDA

A wristwatch PDA that includes calendar, contact and memo pad functionality is available from US shops and Web sites, but as yet there are no plans to offer it this side of the Atlantic
Written by Ingrid Marson, Contributor
A wristwatch PDA running Palm OS was launched by watchmaker Fossil on Thursday.

The device, which runs Palm OS 4.1, has 8MB of memory, a 160x160 touch-sensitive screen and buttons for navigation. PalmSource said the device combines the benefits of the Palm OS with the convenience of a wrist watch.

The PDA includes calendar, contact, memo pad and to do list features. Fossil claims it will run most Palm OS applications, although it recommends that users run applications that take advantage of the special features of the wrist PDA such as the larger font sets and the 'rocker switch' -- a three direction switch that lets users select up, down or enter.

Two versions of the watch are available. The Fossil Wrist PDA, which costs $249, can be purchased at Fossil stores or from its Web site. The Abacus Wrist PDA, which costs $199, can be purchased from the Tiger Direct Web site.

A UK spokeswoman for PalmSource said that at present the wrist PDA is only available from shops in the US and was not sure whether it would be made available in the UK.

It will be difficult for a UK consumer to import a unit directly. Fossil.com says that it only "supports orders with delivery addresses within the US", while TigerDirect.com insists that international customers pay by wire transfer, refusing to accept credit cards.

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