UPDATE: Is Microsoft cutting Zune Pass from six to four allowable devices?

It seems there are emails getting sent out warning that Zune Pass support will be dropping from six to four devices starting next week. Did you get this email?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As you know I thoroughly enjoy using my Zune Pass on my Windows Phone 7 devices. I just read over onMy Microsoft Lifethat the terms of the service may be changing soon with the total number of supported devices being lowered from 6 to 4 (with at least one personal computer). I currently have two PCs, two Windows Phone 7 devices, and a Zune HD on my Zune Pass, but can easily drop the second PC. I doubt this is much of an issue for all but the heaviest power user, but it's never good to see services cut without a change in pricing.

I bought the one year Zune Pass at a fantastic price and still think it is great deal. As a phone reviewer I have to make choices when it comes to using Zune Pass on evaluation phones and this change really won't affect that since I will still have three mobile devices with Zune Pass access. I doubt many people have more than four devices they really need for the Zune Pass and there are always other music services if this really bothers you.

I would love to see Microsoft add a family pack Zune Pass like I have for Xbox LIVE on the 360. A family pass makes a lot of sense and may help Microsoft sell more Windows Phone devices since I doubt too many families are going to pay $15 for each family member to have the Zune Pass on their phone, including me.

Are you affected by this change? Will you give up a Zune HD to stick with a Windows Phone 7 device instead?

UPDATE: As many of us were thinking, it seems this change in policy affects those outside the U.S. I haven't received the email and since I am in the U.S. this matches what people are seeing. Those outside the U.S. already have a limited experience compared to the full Zune Pass subscription with lack of free monthly downloads and more.

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