UPS adds Google Assistant to chatbot customer service lineup

With Google Assistant integration now available, UPS has its chatbot bases covered.

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UPS is adding its chatbot customer service technology to Google Assistant for package tracking via Android devices, Google's iPhone apps, Google Home, and other devices.

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The expansion to Google Assistant means UPS has most of its bots covered. The UPS chatbot was already available on Facebook Messenger (@TheUPSBot), Skype, and Amazon Alexa (UPS Skill).

In 2016, UPS outlined how it would expand artificial intelligence and machine learning on its customer service platform. Chatbots are also integrated with UPS' My Choice service to allow customers to track packages and deliveries via email or text message without tracking numbers.

As for the Google Assistant integration, UPS customers can track packages by saying "OK Google, talk to UPS" or "OK Google, ask UPS about my packages."

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In the grand scheme of things, the UPS expansion to Google Assistants highlights how voice is going to be the user interface going forward.

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