Vadata plans US DoD data center in Virginia

Amazon subsidiary will build cloud data center.

Addressing the government requirement that clouds used be totally separate from the public cloud, Amazon subsidiary Vadata will invest $200 million to build a cloud data center on the grounds of the Warrenton Training Center, a secure data communication facility in Fauquier County Virginia.

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The deal was clinched by the county agreeing to $2.7 million in tax breaks for the facility over the next three years. According to the, the tax abatement deal grants the abatement in return for job guarantees at the new data center. Vadata has been operating on the site, in other roles, since 2014 and has already put almost three-quarters of a million dollars in the county's tax coffers.

The new agreement shows the creation of 51 jobs over the next three years at an average salary of $85,000. Twenty-one jobs will be created in 2015, 16 in 2016, and 14 in 2018-19. The tax rebates are specified at $117, 540 in fiscal 2016, $709,320 in fiscal 2017, and $1.87 million in fiscal 2018. The county anticipates receiving more than $1.5 million in taxes annually from the facility. The abatements will apply to property and use taxes normally found on data center equipment. A significant number of data center jobs in Virginia for Vadata can be found on

The information was retrieved by from the application for the rebates and building permission as there is a significant level of secrecy surrounding the build, which, given the client, is unsurprising. A very low-key announcement was held announcing the awarding of the development contract.