Verizon offers buckets of data with the Share Everything plan

Verizon wants to sell you a bucket of data to use on all of your family devices.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Customers with multiple devices on a mobile carrier plan have long wanted a big bucket of data that can be shared among all the devices. Verizon has announced the Share Everything plan that lets customers share a bucket of data among up to 10 devices on the plan.

The way the new plan, effective June 28, works is first you add all of the devices to the plan for a fee which all get unlimited voice and messaging. This monthly fee depends on the type of device, with smartphones costing $40, laptops $20, and tablets $10. All devices then share a bucket of data which ranges from 1GB for $50 to 10GB for $100.

This is not cheap but is more economical than the individual plans required before the Share Everything plan. A family of four with smartphones and two tablets will run $160 for the phones and another $20 for the tablets. You would then likely need a lot of data to share so with the 10GB maximum plan you'd end up paying $280 per month.

Not cheap, but cheaper than the 6 different data plans currently required. Especially when you account for the free mobile hotspot that is included, meaning any of the smartphones can be used as a mobile hotspot for other devices.

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