Verizon turns up the heat in attempt to force Samsung Note 7 returns

Those of you who just can't let go of your Note 7 smartphone, you're running out of options.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Customers who have thus far refused to return the recalled Samsung Note 7 to Verizon Wireless, your time is running out.

After releasing a software update designed to prevent the phone from charging in early January, Verizon Wireless has told Fortune the carrier still has "thousands" of Note 7 users.

It appears some users have been able to prevent the update from installing, opting instead to walk around with a potentially dangerous device, and Verizon has had enough.

According to the report, in an attempt to force the Note 7 holdouts' hand, Verizon will soon begin routing all non-emergency calls to customer service.

Additionally, Verizon is considering billing users the full cost of the device, an amount the carrier has already credited each user account with after the recall began.

On Jan. 23, Samsung will reveal the results of its investigation, detailing what caused its Note 7 smartphone to catch fire or explode.

On Monday, however, it was reported Samsung's investigation determined the battery is to blame for the fires.

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