Verizon's LTE iPad finally gives us data how we always wanted, on our terms

I get ticked when I see carriers charging extra for tethering fees, especially if you don't even use up what you purchased on your smartphone. The new Verizon LTE iPad gets it right, finally.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The new iPad is sold out online, wait time is showing as 2-3 weeks, so if you didn't already pre-order one then you may be joining the crowds at the Apple Store, WalMart, AT&T, Verizon, and other retail locations tomorrow. As you consider what model you are going to buy, I wanted to state why I think the Verizon LTE model is the best for those who want to always stay connected.

I have complained for years that carriers are unnecessarily charging folks with smartphones for tethering functionality and still believe that. If I pay for a block of data, then I should be able to use it like my minutes however I desire. I can pop my T-Mobile SIM into any GSM phone and consume minutes. We should be able to buy 5GB and use it just from the smartphone or from other devices connected to that smartphone. Thankfully, Verizon has gotten it right with the new generation LTE iPad and in the end they may end up making more money too as people sign up for larger capacity plans. If you buy a Verizon LTE iPad then you can consume data on the iPad or turn it into a WiFi hotspot and use your laptop, MP3 player, etc. via the wireless connection.

Another couple of benefits of using the iPad as a WiFi hotspot is that the battery life will be better than any other dedicated WiFi hotspot device and there is no contract required. You simply order the amount of data you want right from your iPad and can adjust that data plan as needed. Now, the use of a WiFi hotspot on the iPad may be limited to the power user, but I know plenty of folks at work that would love to connect their laptop to a device they already have with them.

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