Vevo now requires Facebook

Vevo.com now require users to login via Facebook. Registering for Vevo.com will thus require a Facebook account. The change is part of a new "bigger, smarter, faster" Vevo.com website.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

As expected, Vevo now requires that you log into its service using Facebook. A new version of the site launched today, and all accounts accessing it must be connected with Facebook. As you can see in the screenshot above, the second biggest service providing online video has accepted its friend request from Facebook.

"The new Vevo is a personalized, social, long-play viewing experience," a Vevo spokesperson said in a statement. "Now when you log in to VEVO using Facebook, we scan your day-to-day Facebook activity to create a personalized 'Facebook playlist.' For example, if you've 'liked' an artist or shared music previously, we'll add that artist's videos to your Facebook playlist. In addition, VEVO's iTunes Match scans your iTunes library and creates a playlist of music videos that match the artists you love. Of course, you can also simply search for a video, watch it and we'll create a long-play viewing experience based on what you've selected!"

Vevo was one of Facebook's 17 launch partners that announced Facebook integration at the company's 2011 f8 developer conference in September 2011. Vevo.com has leveraged Facebook's Open Graph ever since: when users watch music videos, stories are automatically shared on your Ticker, Timeline, and News Feed. The website itself features Like buttons and Facebook comments.

Two months ago, a rumor suggested that Facebook wants to replace YouTube and power Vevo. While the new Facebook requirement makes such a partnership more likely, Vevo's contract with YouTube doesn't expire for another year.

In September 2011, Spotify had to defend its new Facebook requirement. Let's see how Vevo users react. Vevo has 2.13 million Likes on Facebook.

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