VIA counter-sues Intel

Taiwan chipset manufacturer tries to nullify an Intel patent claim
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

VIA Technologies has launched a counterattack against Intel, which is suing the high-tech manufacturer for patent infringement.

The Taiwan company filed the suit in a London court on Wednesday. It is seeking to invalidate Intel's patent on chip timing circuits. The action, filed in the Patent Court of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice, challenges Intel's Patent No. EP (UK) 0-804763, which involves snoop timing design.

In January, Intel filed a complaint against VIA to halt the importation of, among other products, VIA's Apollo Pro chipsets, which work with Intel's Celeron and Pentium III processors.

Intel has filed several other lawsuits against VIA following a licensing deal between the two companies. It has claimed that VIA went beyond the terms of the agreement on several occasions. The company has filed lawsuits against VIA in a US federal court, in London and in Singapore.

VIA and Intel could not be immediately reached for comment.

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