Vic govt seeks feedback to firm up eServices register plans

The Victorian government has opened a second round of consultation into its new eServices register, this time aimed at bolting down more of the details required to transition to the new system.
Written by Michael Lee, Contributor

The Victorian government is again polling the IT industry for feedback on how to proceed with its shift from an eServices panel to an eServices register.

It has now developed a detailed implementation draft plan (PDF) that sets out how government departments and agencies will transition from the old panel to the new register in time for the July 2013 changeover.

The plan will address the development of user requirements, rules of use for how the register will be used by both agencies and suppliers, and how the register will address business functionality.

It will also cover what system will be used to implement the eServices register, the extent of training that will be required, and the services that will be offered, building further upon the high-level implementation plan that served as a means to raise general discussion over the register before proper implementation.

"We sought feedback on the design from the wider industry in August this year, and their comments, along with recent workshops, have helped form the current plan," said Victorian Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips.

The feedback has so far led to the inclusion of multiple purchasing categories for departments to use, and to greater details on how suppliers and departments will have to register.

"We will have an online self-service portal to give both suppliers and government departments a rating on their engagement and service delivery, which has been supported by industry.

"This will be a more flexible approach, allowing companies, and particularly small and medium enterprises, the opportunity to conduct business with government by reducing the barriers to entry."

Organisations will have until December 3 to provide feedback.

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