Virtual Instruments acquires Metricly to expand AIOps portfolio

The purchase will enable Virtual Instruments expand its portfolio beyond the data center and private cloud environments, into the public cloud.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Virtual Instruments, which provides AIOps for hybrid IT infrastructure management, announced on Wednesday that it's acquired Metricly, a 12-year-old cloud optimization, and monitoring service provider. The purchase will enable Virtual Instruments to expand its portfolio beyond the data center and private cloud environments, into the public cloud. 

Previously known as Netuitive, Metricly rebranded in 2017. Metricly's platform uses deep learning analytics and real-time capacity metrics to identify opportunities for optimizing cloud resources and bringing down spending on Amazon Web Services. Specifically, the platform's tools address six areas of cloud cost management -- administration, billing analysis, idle resources, right-sizing, reservations, and capacity monitoring. 

Virtual Instruments, for its part, offers an AIOps platform for monitoring and optimizing all IT infrastructure components in the data center and private cloud, including storage, network, hypervisor, and operating system. Some of its customers include PayPal, Bank of America, Geico, AT&T, eTrade, Unilever, and T-Mobile.

Metricly and Virtual Instruments "could not be any more philosophically aligned in the quest for applying machine learning to availability, performance, capacity and cost management," Metricly CEO Bob Farzami wrote in a blog post. "Over the last few years, we both solved the same problem in the complementary domains of private and public clouds. Together and with more resources, we will satisfy the rising demand for dynamic resource allocation of computing resources across public, private, and hybrid clouds."  

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Cost and resource management are key issues for organizations adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. In a survey released earlier this year, IT managers using AIOps tools largely agreed they were getting value from them. However, more than two-thirds of the AIOps implementers said it took time to build trust in the relevance and reliability of AIOps recommendations. A similar portion said it was difficult to find workers with the right skills to make AIOps a reality. 

With the acquisition closed, Metricly's tools will integrate with Virtual Instruments' VirtualWisdom platform. The acquisition will result in the addition of more than 50 new integrations for popular open-source DevOps technologies to the Virtual Instruments portfolio, including databases, messaging platforms, microservices and containers, as well as cloud infrastructure services such as AWS Lambda, EC2, ECS, ASG, EMR, Microsoft Azure VMs and Load Balancer.

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