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Visible adds 5G, eSIM, improves Party Pay plan to prepaid service

The prepaid carrier is adding some key features to its plans without raising the price.


Image: Visible

Visible, the prepaid carrier that piggybacks off Verizon's wireless network, has some big news for its subscribers. The carrier is known for its $40 price plan that includes unlimited everything, is sweetening the pot. 

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First up is 5G. The next-generation network tech is now available, again using Verizon's network, to all Visible subscribers with speeds up to 200Mbps, at no additional cost. A lot of Visible phones support 5G connectivity, so it only makes sense the feature was added to existing plans. There's no mention of UWB connectivity with Visible plans, however. 

Visible is also rolling out official support for eSIM technology. Many smartphones work with eSIMs that can be programmed using a carrier's app, forgoing the need to have a plastic SIM card shipped to you or visiting a store to buy one. At launch, eSIM support is limited to the iPhone XS or newer, but Visible states that Android support is coming soon. After downloading the Visible app, you can activate an eSIM inside a compatible device using the app in a matter of minutes. 

One of Visible's unique features is the ability for random strangers to join a Party Pay group to lower their monthly cost. Think of Party Pay as a family plan, but with strangers. Oh, and everyone is responsible for their part of the bill. 

Previously, Party Pay groups were limited to four people. Well, now you can have an unlimited number of people in your party. No, that doesn't mean you can eventually get the cost of your plan down to $0. It still bottoms out at $25 a month once you get four people in your party. Two people in a party is $35, while three people drop it down to $30. Effectively, if you're willing to opt-in to the Party Pay feature you can get unlimited Verizon service for $25 a month. Hard to beat that. 

The carrier is also adding unlimited calling and texting to Canada, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. 

Visible also announced it has a new referral program. If you refer someone who signs up, your next month of service is $5. There's also a new community forum where you can join to ask questions, find a group looking for someone to join their party, and find tips. 

If you're interested in signing up for Visible, you'll want to visit the site first to ensure your phone will work on the carrier. After that, the signup process is pretty straight-forward.