Visibrain launches monitoring platform for brand reputation management

When dealing with big data, sorting through information quickly is crucial. Reducing noise enables brands to protect their reputations more easily.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Being well informed is vital when it comes to preventing and managing crisis situations that occur across online media. A system that alerts you with customised information about social mentions can save your brand's reputation, and prevent a crisis.

Social media monitoring platform, Visibrain, has launched a PR monitoring platform for reputation management and crisis prevention.

The platform will monitor online press, blogs and social media to protect brands' reputations. The system allows users to reduce social noise by excluding certain elements and combining filters.

The platform enables marketers to mange brand reputation. Alert modes such as abnormal volume, rising trend or mention alerts can be set. Data can be filtered to show, for example, who specific topic influencers are.

When the new MacBook Pro launched as a competitor to the Microsoft Surface Studio, Visibrain analysed which came out on top when it came to Twitter chatter.

With both products being aimed at the high-end professional design space, the graph shows the clear winner.

Visibrain launches monitoring platform for brand reputation management ZDNet

With over 743,000 mentions for the MacBook pro compared to over 206,000 for the Microsoft Surface Studio, Apple's new MacBook Pro received three times as much commentary as the new Surface Studio, showing the power that Apple's marketing still holds online.

Separate analysis from October 2016 shows that the iPhone 7 continued to receive more mentions online than Samsung's Galaxy Note right up until the product's unfortunate recall.

Visibrain launches monitoring platform for brand reputation management ZDNet

If mention volumes go above a predefined number per hour, or above normal levels, system alerts allow users to react quickly in the event of a crisis. Certain expressions, links or hashtags that are associated with the brand, or specific topics, also act as triggers.

The Visibrain reputation management platform monitors online press, blogs and social media to ensure that users are the first to know about a budding crisis or rising trend. Alerts are received by email, text message, slack or via the company's internal system.

In an age where data is everywhere but time is at a premium, cutting through the noise will help marketers get to the crux of what their customers - and detractors - are saying.

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