Vivo promises three years of OS and security updates for upcoming flagship devices

The upcoming Vivo X lineup of devices will receive three years of security and major Android OS updates.
Written by Campbell Kwan, Contributor
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Vivo has committed to providing three years of security and major Android OS updates for its upcoming flagship Android devices.

Information surrounding the devices, all part of Vivo's new X series, have yet to be released, but the company said the devices are set to launch sometime in the latter half of 2021.

The updates will be available for users in European, Australian, and Indian markets, Vivo said.

"Featuring top of the line hardware, the X series flagship phones are built to last -- and we want to make sure that our customers get software support that lives up to their expectations," said Vivo senior vice president and CTO Yujian Shi.

"We always innovate with the user in mind. With this pledge, we are making a promise to our customers that they will be able to enjoy a premium smartphone experience for an extended period and continue to benefit from the latest software features."

Notably, Vivo's promise of three years of security and OS updates does not apply to other recently released models. Vivo also said users of an X series device who live outside of Europe, Australia, and India will only receive regular Android security updates.

Vivo's announcement mirrors the one made by Samsung earlier this year, when the South Korean company promised to extend security updates for its Galaxy phones from three years to "a minimum of four." 

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