VMware combines Tanzu, Cloud Foundation platforms to launch new VMware Cloud

VMware is also rolling out a new cloud subscription option that aims to simplify multi-cloud consumption for its customers.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

VMware on Wednesday unveiled VMware Cloud, a set of modular, multi-cloud services that bring together VMware's Tanzu and Cloud Foundation platforms. 

Tanzu is VMware's portfolio for building and managing modern applications and is designed to deliver enterprise-grade Kubernetes at scale. The VMware Cloud Foundation is the company's portfolio of compute, storage and networking technologies.

In a press briefing, Raghu Raghuram, chief operating officer of products and cloud services for VMware, said VMware Cloud is the core foundation of VMware's multi-cloud strategy, which is to provide a portfolio of modular cloud services that run on VMware Cloud Foundation infrastructure, as well as on native public cloud infrastructure.


"This foundation enables customers to run VM-based applications or container-based applications in a consistent way, and lets developers connect to the native cloud services on any of these platforms, and then IT can manage and secure them all in a centralized fashion," said Raghuram.

As part of this multi-cloud strategy, VMware is also rolling out a new cloud subscription option that aims to simplify multi-cloud consumption for its customers. The Cloud Universal subscriptions let customers purchase credits to apply to VMware's cloud infrastructure and management services deployed either on premises, on VMware Cloud on AWS, or on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

The company also introduced a new cloud console that functions as a single monitoring and management environment for VMware Cloud infrastructure across clouds, as well as the VMware App Navigator, a new offering for assessing and prioritizing app transformation initiatives across an entire application estate based on the value of each app.


The cloud effort is in line with VMware's ongoing efforts to serve as a bridge across public cloud providers. In 2020, then-CEO Pat Gelsinger said VMware's goal is "to become the multi-cloud infrastructure provider of choice."

"This really is our vision for VMware Cloud," said Raghuram. "The way customers can consume VMware Cloud is as a set of modular services. They can just consume the VMware Cloud Foundaiton infrastructure or they can just consume Tanzu on any cloud, or they can just consume our cloud management portfolio on any cloud. Collectively, this provides a holistic set of multi-cloud services that all work together as an integrated multi-cloud solution."

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