VMware CTO leaving for VC firm to focus on infrastructure startups

VMware's chief technology officer, who helped grow the virtualization giant from 90 to more than 13,000 employees, is moving on.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

VMware's chief technology officer Steve Herrod will be leaving the company for a new gig at a Silicon Valley venture capital fund.

Herrod confirmed the news in a blog post on Wednesday, describing how software and virtualization have evolved over the last decade:

Virtualization has become the default technology upon which the majority of the world’s server applications run. What’s more, virtualization’s impact is rapidly extending into storage, networking, security, and every other aspect of the modern datacenter. The resulting “software-defined datacenter” is clearly the architecture of the future, enabling the efficient private, public, and hybrid clouds that are becoming part of every company’s IT strategy.

Herrod has been with VMware for 11 years as the company grew from approximately just 90 to more than 13,000 employees. Still, the break looks like an amicable one as Herrod will continue to serve as an adviser to both VMware and its parent company, EMC.

It's not clear if he's leaving VMware immediately today or soon, but he will move on to serving as managing director at the Palo Alto, Calif. office of the Massachusetts-based General Catalyst venture capital and growth equity firm.

Herrod will be focusing on supporting entreprenuers and starups focused on building innovations around technology infrastructures.

Image via VMware

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