VMware rolls out new cloud services for automation, security

The enhancements to VMware's cloud operations platform, announced during VMworld, continued VMware's focus on multi-cloud customers.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

VMware on Monday is rolling out a series of new cloud services designed to facilitate the management of costs, operations, security and compliance -- across multiple clouds. The new services were announced at the VMworld conference, a day after VMware doubled down on its alliance with Amazon Web Services. The developments underscore VMware's focus on enterprise customers adopting multi-cloud strategies.

Specifically, the new cloud services are: VMware Cloud Assembly, VMware Service Broker, VMware Code Stream and VMware Secure State. VMware also announced significant enhancements to Wavefront.

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Cloud Assembly delivers unified provisioning across all clouds through declarative Infrastructure as Code, including VMware Cloud on AWS, native AWS and Microsoft Azure. This should help teams orchestrate infrastructure and application delivery in line with DevOps principles.

Meanwhile, VMware Service Broker provides self-service access to multi-cloud infrastructure and application resources from a single catalog. VMware Code Stream automates the application release process, through deployment, testing and troubleshooting. It supports VMware-based private clouds, VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS and Azure.


For compliance monitoring and policy enforcement across clouds, VMware is introducing VMware Secure State. It automates configuration security and compliance monitoring in native cloud environments, addressing violations in real time. It also tracks changes to cloud infrastructure in real time, delivering notifications for object changes and potentially affected services.

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Wavefront, VMware's cloud-native monitoring and analytics platform, is getting a number of updates. For instance, it's getting deeper Kubernetes and Pivotal Container Service support, including quick start from within Pivotal Container Service. Additionally, VMware says Wavefront can now ingest, analyze, and visualize metrics data from an environment running 100,000 containers. There's also a new series of dashboards to help developers deliver serverless code, as well as a Lambda SDK.

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VMware Cloud Assembly, Service Broker and Code Stream are initially available Monday, while Secure State is in public beta. The enhanced Wavefront is generally available.

Adding to its multi-cloud approach, VMware also announced NSX-T Data Center 2.3, which extends multi-cloud networking and security capabilities to AWS, in addition to Azure and on-premise environments. This version also includes support for bare metal hosts, in addition to hypervisor and container environments. VMware NSX-T 2.3 is expected to be available in VMware's third quarter.

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