Want to use iMessage on Android? This app is the most secure way (but it'll cost you)

Although Apple intends to adopt the RCS standard, some Android users are still clamoring for iMessage support, and this subscription-based app is ready to deliver just that.
Written by Jack Wallen, Contributing Writer
OnePlus Open in hand
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Personally, I don't get it. I communicate with my friends who use iPhones all the time with my Android devices and never have a problem. But then, I don't tend to depend on every feature known to messaging. 

But, on a certain level, I do understand it. When I'm communicating with other friends who use Android (as long as they have RCS enabled), I get all the bells and whistles (read receipts, group chats, rich media sharing, etc.) And RCS isn't limited to Android; the protocol is available to Apple…they're just adapting it next year.

Also: Apple to bring RCS text messaging to iPhones next year. Here's Google's response

So, if I (or anyone, for that matter) want to enjoy the extra features associated with either RCS or iMessage, what do you do when you're communicating across platforms?

You could use Beeper Mini.

Beeper (the company) first came into being in 2021, and they had a rather lofty goal…bring everyone's chat applications together within a single UI. That goal would allow both Android and iOS users to experience the same features, without missing a beat.

Finally, Beeper has made this dream a reality, with its new Beeper Mini app. The app (launched today) makes it possible for Android users to chat with iOS users (enjoying all the features they want), without having to first sign in with an Apple ID (which many Android users don't even have).

Also: Nothing's iMessage on Android dream was actually a nightmare 

With this app, if an iPhone user messages you (or adds you to a group chat), your messages automatically turn blue. Huzzah, right? 

If you want to learn how this magic works, you can dive into the pypush code on GitHub, otherwise, just enjoy the fun.

Of course, this was already attempted by Nothing and it didn't exactly go well. And, as I mentioned, Apple does have plans to bring RCS text messaging to iPhones sometime in 2024. Until that time comes, however, you'll want to install and pay the $1.99/monthly fee to use Beeper Mini, which is available on the Google Play Store.

According to the Beeper Mini description, the app brings the blue bubbles to Android, your number shows up in blue, and all chats are secured with end-to-end encryption. Understand, however, that Apple is famous for "breaking things" to prevent third parties from accessing its features. But given Apple's intention of adopting RCS, I believe the chances of this happening to Beeper Mini are slim.

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