Wayfair's new AI tool redesigns your living room for you in seconds

Thanks to the power of AI imaging, you can completely reimagine your space without paying a designer.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
Screenshot by Artie Beaty/ZDNet

Redecorating your living space just got a little easier thanks to an AI-assist from Wayfair. 

The home furniture and decor company has released a new tool called Decorify, which lets users upload images of their rooms and then uses generative AI to transform the space with a number of different styles, including industrial, Bohemian, farmhouse, modern mid-century, rustic, glam, and perfectly pink. From light fixtures to furniture to rugs to photos on the wall, just about everything in the space is up for change.

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Available through the Wayfair website on either desktop or mobile, the tool is similar to the augmented reality programs that let users plop an image of a piece of furniture into an image of their living room. But the difference here is that AI will create an entirely new image of your space. 

I uploaded a photo of my living room to test the tool out, and like a lot of AI art, things got a little funky at times. My angled ceiling turned into a series of waves and blobs and my napping dog transformed into an ottoman. But overall, I was impressed. 

With a few taps, all of my fairly boring living room furniture was replaced with sleek modern styling, complete with metal shelving and lamps. Another tap took it to a drastically different rustic lodge, wood paneling on the wall and all. 

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The AI-generated version of your room populates with individual items and, of course, links to purchase those items. Anything you don't like can be individually replaced. 

Artie Beaty/ZDNet

Wayfair noted this tool had been in the works for a while, but recent breakthroughs in image-generating AI like DALL-E 2 from OpenAI brought the project to fruition.

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For now, the tool only works on living rooms. Other areas of the home are expected to be added soon.

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