Weird Google bug? Android users baffled by search that lists personal text messages

Android users apparently stumble on a strange way to make the Google app display their text messages.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

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A weird bug in the Google app on Android has left a lot of Google users scratching their heads.

A user on Reddit found that typing in "the1975..com" in the Google app on Android will display the user's text messages in the app.

The user discovered the issue while using the default Google Pixel launcher but many other Android users have reported being able to replicate the issue from the Google app on OnePlus, Samsung, LG, and Huawei devices.

"For some unexplained reason when I type in 'the1975..com' (specifically with two periods) into my search bar on the default pixel launcher it displays my recent text messages through Google," the Pixel owner wrote.

"It's like just about the weirdest glitch I have come by. Is this combination just a super random coincidence or is there something else going on? Are other people getting this glitch? I'm really confused, let me know."

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Others have also discovered that the same text messages pop up in the app after typing in 'vizela viagens'.

That the text messages can appear in the Google app is not unusual. As noted by 9to5Google, Android users can invoke the text message summary by asking Google to show your text messages.

Just no one knew until now that that typing in certain queries can accidentally achieve the same result.

The messages also will only appear in the app if the user has given permission for the Google app to access SMS messages.

It will display the sender's number, the content of the message, and a reply button in a Google card. Users can also disable access to SMS.

Update, June 4: Google told ZDNet that it knows about the issue.

"We are aware of a language detection bug in the Google Search app for Android, which erroneously interpreted certain phrases as a request to view recent text messages," a Google spokesperson said.

"A fix for this bug has been implemented and will roll out over the next few days."

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