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New to SmartPlanet? We're delighted you've dropped by. Here's what we're all about.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

If you're new to SmartPlanet, welcome. We're so delighted you dropped by.

The site you're looking at began as an idea just over a year and a half ago. The people behind it: CBS Interactive, the same folks responsible for sites like CBSNews.com, CNET, GameSpot and ZDNet.

(Well, not literally the same folks -- they're busy enough!)

SmartPlanet is an online magazine that covers new technology as it relates to healthcare, science, transportation, corporate sustainability, architecture and design.

We launched in 2009 with just four blogs, but now we have nine:

  • Thinking Tech: Aerospace, defense, robotics and supercomputers
  • Science Scope: Genetics, nanotech and all matter of R&D news from the lab
  • Transport Theory: Hybrid cars, high-speed rail, planes, buses, boats and infrastructure
  • Solving Cities: Green building, vertical farming, urban planning and government 2.0
  • Rethinking Healthcare: Cancer vaccines, AIDS treatments and amazing medical tech
  • Intelligent Energy: Biofuels, solar panels, wind turbines, hydro power and nuclear reactors
  • Business Brains: Corporate sustainability, social responsibility, logistics and efficiency, and management
  • Pure Genius: Exclusive Q&As with innovators, inventors and thought leaders
  • Smart Takes: Our editors' blog that touches on all topics

We also have incredible, high-quality videos about companies and people you should know about.

Please explore the site -- we think you'll like it.

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Thanks for reading. --The Editors

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