What do you do with your old PCs?

Quick poll ... What do you do with your old PCs? Are you a hoarder or a recycler?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Quick poll ... What do you do with your old PCs?

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I'm a hoarder so I tend to keep everything - some is kept because "it might one day be useful for something" and the rest cannibalized for parts.  The broken stuff I collect until I have a fair amount then I take it to be recycled. 

Hard drives I wipe, and if they're dead I take them apart and destroy the platters manually.

While on the subject of recycling, my biggest hassle used to be old CDs/DVDs.  I could recycle some but the stuff that I burned myself or contained sensitive stuff had to be kept separate and be destroyed.  Now I've got a disc shredder which does short work of all my discs, and the shreddings can be recycled.

My biggest issues are now with cardboard and junk mail.  I try to reduce on the amount of paper waste that I generate and I reuse a lot of cardboard but I still feel that junk mail is too cheap to send out and that things come with far too much packaging.


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