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Written by Melanie Wachsman, Editor

Blockchain promises to revolutionize how companies conduct business, provide services, and exchange information. 

However, according to the May 2018 TechRepublic Premium report Research: The current state and predictions for the future of blockchain in the enterprise, 70% of professionals who responded said they hadn't used it. Although, 64% of respondents said they expected blockchain to affect their industry in some way, with most of that group predicting a positive impact.

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Are more professionals using blockchain than in 2018? Has blockchain had a positive impact on industries, as predicted? ZDNet's sister site TechRepublic Premium's plans to find out.

The impact of this emerging technology for industries and individuals is the topic TechRepublic Premium's next special feature survey. If you have experience using blockchain either personally or professionally we want to hear from you. The survey contains ten or fewer multiple choice questions and should take less than five minutes to complete.

You'll be asked questions about your experience with blockchain, what effects blockchain will have in your daily life, and the role blockchain plays in your industry. 

Tell us what you think. Take the TechRepublic Premium survey on blockchain.

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