What I want to see from Apple tomorrow

The new iPhone is almost a given, but what about a new Apple TV, Siri TV, better photo sharing, iPod touch, iPod nano with watch features, and an iPad mini?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

September 12th is almost upon us. If you haven't been following the news, tomorrow is the day that Apple is rumored / expected to be announcing the iPhone 5. While that in itself would be enough to keep every techie happy, I'm holding out for some other moves by Apple, too. I've detailed them below:

Drag and Drop Photo sharing in iCloud

I've recently discovered a super-fast way to share my photos and videos in the cloud. It involves using iPhoto and then dragging, dropping and sharing my photos / videos using Google+. It's so simple, and is definitely something that Apple should be doing, since it's the next logical step for iPhoto. Right now you can share to Flickr, Facebook, and with iOS 6, you can share Photo Streams. That sounds great, but the Google+ dragging and dropping and sharing is effortless, and Apple's implementation, while functional, doesn't sound as effortless for the public.

New Apple TV

I think we can all agree that Apple TV is due for an update. Don't get me wrong, the latest version is great, but it could be so much better. Using AirPlay I'm now able to play my favorite games on my Apple TV, so why not just let me run my iOS Apps DIRECTLY on the Apple TV at this point? Also, I'm shooting 1080p video on my iPhone. This takes FOREVER to stream to the Apple TV--let's see some speed improvements there, please Apple?

New TV with Apple goodies built-in

It's been rumored and then it never showed up--now is the time. Siri in iOS 6 is much improved so why not start integrating it into television sets directly. This could come in the form of an Apple TV-ish integration or just embedding Siri and other elements directly into the television. Regardless, it's time to start teasing us with stuff we can allocate holiday funds for.

New TV network relationships

Apple TV now offers Hulu Plus subscriptions. Was this just a taste for what's to come from Apple? I'd like Apple to create a more consumable, affordable TV viewing model. My cable bills are skyrocketing these days so there's got to be a solution coming.

New iPhone hardware

There are too many rumors around this one. It will be interesting to see if Apple goes with NFC or instead goes with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), or a combo of both. Also, will Apple integrate and show off technology from its recent acquisition of AuthenTec? Will there be a smaller connector, wider screen, some crazy new screen tech, new-style earbuds, etc.?

iPod touch

If Apple revamps the dock connector, it's a perfect opportunity to bring a new iPod touch to market. This also creates a nice discount on the existing ones, though Apple doesn't have much competition in the iPod touch segment these days.

iPod nano

With all of the competition from Pebble and other bluetooth watches, Apple might as well innovate a bit with the nano and come out with some improvements to the nano that make it a "must have" for every iPhone owner. The Pebble and other watches work with both iPhone and Android, with more features for the Android user. This is a perfect opportunity for Apple to come to market with enhanced, iPhone-only features for the iPod nano.

iPad mini

There's far too much hype around the iPhone 5 for Apple to release an iPad mini tomorrow. That said, one has to be in the works, but how will it be positioned? Steve Jobs isn't around anymore to sit in a chair and tell us how we need to fit the iPad mini in between the iPad and the iPhone. In all seriousness, I remember when the iPad was unveiled and I thought that I already have an iPhone and a MacBook, so what do I need the iPad for? After seeing Steve do his thing, I knew I "needed" one. Will Tim Cook be able to pull off that same mind control?

What announcement(s) are you hoping for from Apple tomorrow? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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