What will the iPhone 7 look like? Probably not a lot different to the iPhone 6S

A leak which claims to show a schematic of the upcoming iPhone 7 suggest that Apple plans on retaining much of the design of the iPhone 6/6S.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Expecting the iPhone 7 to look different to the existing iPhone 6S? The latest leak suggests that the new iPhone will look very familiar to existing iPhone owners.

French tech site NoWhereElse- a site with a good track record when it comes to accurate leaks, and Hemmerstoffer has been the first with the scoop on a number of handsets - has received alleged schematics for the iPhone 7, and they show a device that looks an awful lot like the existing iPhone.

What will the iPhone 7 look like? Probably not a lot different to the iPhone 6S

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a few differences:

  • Some of the antenna bands are gone. The ones on the back are gone, but the schematic still shows them top and bottom.
  • The hole for the camera is substantially larger.
  • The headphone jack is gone. Pulling in what we've seen from a leaked design for a silicone case for the iPhone 7, the headphone jack has been replaced with a second speaker.

It's also claimed that the new design is slightly thinner than the current design (because Apple knows you want your iPhone to be thinner, right?).

Many had expected that Apple would revamp the design of the iPhone with the release of the iPhone 7, but the current crop of leaks seem to be pointing to a device that looks much like what Apple has released for the past couple of years.

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