'Where's my iPadOS 14.7 update?'

Dunno… lost in time and space perhaps.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

A lot of you have been asking me where iPadOS 14.7 is, given that iOS 14.7 has been rolling out to iPhones for a while now (long enough for bugs to appear).

Doesn't Apple release iOS and iPadOS updates simultaneously?

Also, a whole bunch of tech sites said it was available alongside iOS 14.7.

So, where is it?

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No idea.

Apple seeded the release candidate versions of both iOS 14.7 and iPadOS 14.7 to developers on July 13, so it seemed like a simultaneous release was on the cards.

And then it was a no-show. I've seen random claims that it was "temporarily available" or something about it not being "fully available," but I'm skeptical. I didn't see it, no one has a copy of it, it's not on the usual download sites, and I've not seen an iPad running it.

It wasn't released.

So, why not?

In my mind, it's either a show-stopping bug, or, more likely, Apple pushed iOS 14.7 out to fix an iPhone security vulnerability, and either that bug is not applicable to iPadOS, or the iPadOS fix isn't ready.

I'm thinking the delay might be the reason why Apple hasn't yet released details of the security fixes in the updates that have been rolled out.

Apple has been approached for comment and I will update the post if a comment is received, but I highly doubt that the company will issue a comment regarding this.

Apple will release iPadOS 14.7 (or perhaps 14.7.1) when it's good and ready.

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