Who is Australia's best IT employer?

It's on again.ZDNet&nbsp is searching for Australia's Best IT Employer and if you think yours is it, we want to hear from you.
Written by Jeanne-Vida Douglas, Contributor
It's on again.
ZDNet  is searching for Australia's Best IT Employer and if you think yours is it, we want to hear from you.
While past winners have reaped the reward based on a range of criteria -- from family-friendly policies to Friday afternoon LAN gaming sessions -- changes to the technology and communications industry over the past 18 months might just have brought a whole new look and feel to IT workplaces.

Whether you're a recent graduate, a seasoned professional or looking to change lanes mid career, the good news in the IT recruitment scene is that employment is on the rise.

-It is exactly a year since we saw the first signs of a recovery in IT employment, the trend is up and I think it is going to be sustained," explained Robert Olivier, managing director and founder of employment research company Olivier.

It would seem the IT industry has reinvented itself as a stable, steadily growing sector, offering healthy but not outrageous incomes and permanent positions rather than contract work. According to Jill Noble, human resources and services consultant for Icon Recruitment IT, offices are increasingly reflecting the overall look and feel of the workplace.

-If you are in a snazzy software development house you'll still get the informality and the colours, but the IT team within a bank will be more stiff and formal," Noble said.

Hamish Sinclair, general manager of Link Recruitment, believes things are back to the way it was before the tech boom ... when IT was just another aspect of business.

-The days of the perks are gone," said Sinclair. -The IT market no longer dictates the terms of employment to the employers, now it is the other way around."

While he said the renewed confidence in the IT sector will see employers looking for ways to keep good staff on the payroll, the heady days of IT workplaces clamouring for attention and differentiation are no more.

However, with the inevitable casualties of boom-and-crash still in living memory, perhaps this new-found stability is exactly what IT employees are looking for, and if so, ZDNet Australia  wants to know who does it best.

How to enter
If you work for or know of a company that goes the extra yard to ensure its employees are appreciated and rewarded, we'd like to hear from you.

Simply e-mail your nomination for Australia's best IT employer to nominations@zdnet.com.au, along with a few lines giving your reasons why the company should make our list.

The organisation you nominate doesn't have to be a player in the IT industry. It can operate in any sector, including retail, finance, entertainment, government -- just as long as it appreciates and fosters good tech talent.

Once the nominations are collated, we will survey the staff from the top ten most-nominated companies. The results will determine the ranking of Australia's top ten employers of tech talent.

Nominations close August 16, 2004.

The information you provide is for ZDNet Australia's research purposes only and will not be forwarded to any third parties. Individual names will be kept confidential.

ZDNet Australia's Best IT Employer Award is supported by the Australian Computer Society and SEEK IT.

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