Will Intel's latest Xeon lineup be an 'economic no brainer'?

Intel customers using latest Xeon 5600 chips can expect to see returns for their investments within 15 months, according to the chip giant.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Intel launched its latest server chips designed for next generation data centers Tuesday and is pitching a five month return on investment for customers using single core servers--a third of the customer base--and a 15 month payback for more modern machines.

The chip giant's challenge: Position its latest server chips--the Xeon 5600 family--as an "economic no-brainer" for customers that have been putting off server upgrades. The single core crowd can get a 15:1 server consolidation ration with the latest Xeons.

Intel's positioning is worth noting as research firms and vendors have been preaching that a server upgrade cycle is about to break out. But first, the details. Boyd Davis, general manager Intel's data center group marketing, broke out a blitz of performance enhancements and noted that upgrading was an "economic no-brainer".

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