Windows 10 push: Here's what Microsoft will pay you to trade up your Mac, PC

Looking to boost Windows 10 sales, Microsoft has launched a cash-back promotion for trading in old MacBooks, Windows devices, and, at least outside the US, Chromebooks.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer
Apple iMacs are specifically mentioned in Microsoft's Window 10 trade-up scheme.
Image: Apple

Microsoft is offering up to $300 to US consumers who trade in their old PC or Mac for a Windows 10 device - but a lot less for consumers elsewhere.

Looking to kick-start Windows 10 sales, Microsoft has rolled out its Easy Trade Up promotion to select markets, offering cash for used hardware when purchasing a Windows 10 device with a minimum value.

The terms are different in each market, and Windows 10 buyers in the US appear to be offered roughly twice as much for their old kit as consumers elsewhere. However, purchases in the US must be made directly from Microsoft, whereas the promotion will run through third-party retailers in other markets.

Starting with the US, consumers will receive $300 cash back for a MacBook or iMac and $200 for a Windows laptop when they purchase a Windows 10 PC valued at $599 or more.

The product must be purchased from a Microsoft Store in the US by October 20, 2015, according to Microsoft.

The traded-in device also needs to meet a few conditions to qualify, including not having serious defects or major damage such as a smashed screen. Acceptable trade-in devices include all-in-ones, laptops, two-in-one devices, Apple's MacBook and iMac.

The laptop or MacBook can be no older than six years with a minimum 11-inch display and should include a working battery and power supply.

Microsoft has also rolled out the offer to Germany, the UK and France in Europe, though with notably lower trade-in values and more specific requirements for qualifying purchases.

In the UK, the maximum cash-back offer is £100 ($154) for purchases over £499 ($771). For purchases between £349 to £498.99, consumers will get £50, and purchases between £249 to £348.99 equate to £30 cash back.

Another key difference with the offer in the UK is that qualifying devices include Chromebooks.

The campaign is also running a little longer in the UK, available for purchases from a UK retailer by October 27. Qualifying purchases include brand new Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 notebook, Surface 3, Windows two-in-ones and desktops.

Devices specifically excluded from the offer include the Surface Pro 3, Windows Pro, phones, tablets and all-in-ones.

The same terms apply to the promotion in Germany and France where Microsoft will offer €100 ($113) cash back for purchases of €799 or more, €75 for purchases between €489 and €798 and €50 for purchases between €349 and €498.

The promotion is also available to consumers in Canada, India, Taiwan and Brazil.

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