Windows 8 turns shutting down your PC into a convoluted process

Just one example of how inefficient the Metro user interface is.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Think Microsoft has done a good job of making the Metro UI in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview easy to use with a mouse and keyboard? Just take a look at how many steps it takes to do something as simple as shut down or reset a PC.

Here are the steps.

First, you take the mouse to the lower-right corner and wait for the on-screen menu tab to appear before clicking on Settings.

Next click on the Power button.

Then you finally get to click on Shut Down or Reset.

This is just one example of how inefficient the Windows 8 Consumer Preview user interface is, compared to the Classic interface where you can accomplish the same thing with two clicks.

Come on Microsoft, are you seriously expecting people to figure this stuff out on their own? And what is it with having to go through so many clicks and mouse movements to get to something as basic as shut down or restart?


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