Windows Phone 7 to be unleashed October 11th?

Microsoft may be officially unveiling Windows Phone 7 on October 11th. Hopefully the company will also show off its strategy to pry iPhones and Droids away from the public.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

The word on the street is that Microsoft is going to be showing off some gear in both London and New York City on October 11th. So far we've been able to confirm that it's a bunch of products, and while the company isn't specifically confirming that it's going to show off Windows Phone 7, it does list Windows Phone 7 along with a bunch of other products, when talking about how the company is releasing a bunch of gear this holiday season.

Earlier this month I wrote about my experience with Windows Phone 7. In short, it's a nice interface but I'm still not sure why someone would switch to Windows Phone 7 or even choose it over iPhone, Android or BlackBerry at this stage.

Also, it appears that even though Microsoft is launching Windows Phone 7 in Europe first, the company is already set to launch with AT&T, according to the video below that SlashGear dug up. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth watching since it shows you how your current phone requires you to miss life's moments--in a very comical way.

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