Winners: AMD Athlon 64 processors

We have three winners, each of whom will win an AMD Athlon 3500+ processor
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
The ZDNet UK competition to win three AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processors is now closed, and we have selected three lucky winners.

We asked you to tell us, in not more than 12 words, why you want to use an AMD processor in your next PC. The winners, after much deliberation, are: David Waldock from Sheerness, with: "I need a wide bus to get my arse on"; Stewart Bocking from Sutton with "The blue guys on the Intel Ad scare the cr*p outta me!"; and Ian Graham from Glasgow with "Finally a processor that will blow less hot air than IT consultants."

Congratulations -- your Athlon 64 processors will be on their way to you shortly.

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