Winners: PalmOne Treo smartphones

We have four winners for the PalmOne competition, and our 2004 Christmas competition is now closed after generating 40 winners of some of the hottest tech kit around
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
The ZDNet UK competition to win four PalmOne Treo 600 smartphones is now closed, and we have selected four lucky winners.

We asked you to tell us why you really, really need a PalmOne Treo 600. The winners are: Pete Coldwell from London, who thinks "it'll make the girls think I'm happy to see them"; Mark Inman from Leeds, who came up with "Nokia brick, not very slim, dropped down the loo. It couldn't swim"; Tracey Wolverston from Wolverhampton, who opined that "my mobile is an ancient brick even my granny gives me stick"; and Ben Williams from London, who we felt very sorry for after informing us that "the string between our yoghurt pots is about to break!"

Congratulations, your PalmOne Treo 600 smartphones will be on their way to you shortly.

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