Winners: Vodafone 3G data card competition

We have five winners for the Vodafone Christmas competition. If your name is not on the list you still have a chance to win a 64-bit Athlon or a Treo smartphone
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
The ZDNet UK Vodafone Christmas competition is now closed, and we have selected five lucky winners who each win a 3G data card.

We asked you to complete, in not more than 12 words, the sentence: "I really, really need a Vodafone 3G data card because…" The reasons you gave were many and varied, and mostly undeserving, but a few did touch a nerve with the ZDNet UK editorial judging panel. So, 3G data cards go to: Doug Pattenden from Gillingham with whom the parents on the team identified when he wrote "…I'll be able to work whilst in the park with my kids"; Tim Williams from Paignton with whom several other members of the panel identified -- or pitied -- when he wrote "… I haven't seen the sun in four years - I could go outside"; Simon Grisewood from Reading, with whom we all identified when he wrote "…A laptop without 3G is like George.W's brain and mouth - unconnected!"; Philip Stonelake from Chorley, for the slightly disturbing "…My laptop slot suffers 'card envy' - Sigmund Freud"; and David Bottomley from Hyde for the plain silly: "…my table wobbles".

Congratulations - your 3G data cards will be on their way to you shortly.

And if those who have not won yet still have until the end of today to enter the competition for three AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processors, and until tomorrow to enter for four PalmOne Treo smartphones. You can enter here.

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