Wirefly tries to get free phones in more hands with the Free-for-All sale

There are plenty of deals this week for those of you looking for new phones for your family and Wirefly is launching a sale to try to lower the price for more eligible customers.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Yesterday I wrote a post asking if the Amazon penny smartphone sale was too good to be true and in fact the deals are quite good with new customers getting an amazing selection to choose from while those of you who are upgrading, adding a line, or an existing upgrade ineligible customers didn't get as great of a deal. The folks at Wirefly read my post and decided to launch a new sale to address my request for some consideration for existing subscribers. Wirefly is launching a new Free-for-All phone sale where over 3 dozen phones will be discounted to free for new customers, upgrade eligible customers, and those on a family plan who add a line (up to 5 lines on an account). The sale starts tomorrow and goes through Monday,

While this new sale essentially matches Amazon and Radio Shack for new customers, the difference here in some cases is the cost savings to existing customers who are upgrade eligible (the All in the Free-for-All sale). However, Amazon and Radio Shack have more of the higher end smartphones available for new customers so while you can save money on some devices this new Wirefly sale is really for those looking for a specific model. FYI, Simplexity powers both Wirefly's and Radioshack’s phone store so you will find the same, if not great selection at Wirefly compared to Radio Shack outside of this special sale offer. Check the Wirefly upgrade eligibilty checker to see what upgrade you may have to use with them. Here are a couple specific examples I found where there are some cost savings:

  • BlackBerry Bold 9930: Free on Wirefly and $119.99 on Amazon
  • LG Revolution 4G: Free on Wirefly and $69.99 for member of family plan on Amazon
  • Samsung Stratosphere 4G: Free on Wirefly and $39.99 for member of family plan on Amazon

The availability list is still being added to and I am sure Wirefly will post the full list when the sale page goes live. Note that AT&T no longer works with Wirefly and there are limited T-Mobile devices. You can also find all of the latest and greatest smartphones on Wirefly, but they may not be part of this particular sale.

I understand that it is tough to get upgrade discounts for existing customers that are not upgrade eligible and think this need only affects those die hard phone geeks like me who get new phones every couple of months so I am not expecting anything for these customers.

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