Wish your MacBook Pro had touchscreen? Here's what Microsoft will pay you to switch to Surface

If you're an Apple MacBook owner and disappointed with the new MacBook Pro, Microsoft wants to hear from you.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Microsoft's limited-period offer consists of up to $650 for current MacBook owners in the US who want to "trade up to Pen and on-screen touch".

Image: Microsoft

There are going to be some MacBook Pro fans out there who are confused or disappointed as to why the new MacBook Pro lacks a touchscreen when so many Windows 10 two-in-one laptops feature one, including Microsoft's own Surface Pro and Surface Book.

Apple's chief designer, Jony Ive, told CNET consumers don't need a touchscreen on a laptop. It would be easy to do, even "tempting", but ultimately it makes no sense to lean in to touch a PC's display, he said. So instead, Apple created the Touch Bar with soft buttons, a bigger touchpad and better keyboard.

If you disagree with Apple's thinking on the matter, Microsoft wants to hear from you. The company yesterday launched a limited-period offer of up to $650 for current MacBook owners in the US who want to "trade up to Pen and on-screen touch".

"If you have a Mac but want to experience the ultimate laptop with on-screen touch, Surface and Microsoft Store are here for you. Starting today, anyone in the US can trade in their MacBook Pro or MacBook Air at a Microsoft Store or online for up to $650 off a Surface Book or Surface Pro," Microsoft says.

Microsoft argues that "97 percent of people who have a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book use on-screen touch input regularly".

Microsoft will pay $450 for a working and undamaged 13.3-inch MacBook Air, $325 for a MacBook Pro 17-inch, and $550 for 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina. Microsoft has a comprehensive price table available at its MacBook appraisal site for the Surface Pro 4.

The company ran a similar $650 store credit offer for MacBook Air when it launched the Surface Pro 3, but this time around it's zeroed in on the touchscreen.

According to Microsoft, Surface Pro 4 and Book owners love the "all-day battery life", the detachable display and how the pen and touchscreen enable them to create in new ways.

The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have proved a relative success for Microsoft too, driving a nearly 40 percent boost in its FY17Q1 Surface revenues compared with last year.

On the other hand, Microsoft apologized to owners for a "less-than-perfect experience" due to persistent power-management issues and other hardware bugs that it's spent the past six months gradually ironing out.

By contrast, Apple's Q4 2016 Mac revenues were down 17 percent this year while iPad was flat, and while the company said sorry over its Maps debacle, it hasn't apologized for any of its hardware in recent memory.

Microsoft's trade-in offer is available through to November 10 at its US stores or online.

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