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Not a coed dancing in front of a camera.Feels much more user-generatedAdvertising is short formLet them play with the contentToo much loss of...
Written by Steve Gillmor, Contributor

Not a coed dancing in front of a camera.

Feels much more user-generated

Advertising is short form

Let them play with the content

Too much loss of control

Permission-based relationship with users

Willy nilly access to large amounts of content

Syndication is going to die

All those old windows will collapse

Lacking a good mechanism to get casual viewership

Own the wrapper not just the distribution of the file

They want to know at the director level

We haven't opened up advertising revenue for small producers yet

Why are you the most conflicted man in the music industry?

The issue is only when the rights owner won't let go

Context is the key to discovery

Passive discovery of new music--that's when it starts to get exciting.

Short films have never made money ever basically

Not sure if we want 100,000 unsigned bands

Want a slider entertain me to enlighten me

The PC is the ultimate discovery mechanism

It's all going to end up on the TV

No one will pay for commodity news, too nichey, brought to its knees.

Playlist module

There's a generation of which no file is unwilling to be exposed

To help you click based on trusted sources

Editorial standards